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Qualifications For Marketing Post

Age & Gender

At least 25 years old.

Both male & female.


At least a bachelor degree earned in;-

  • -Business Administration
  • -Marketing
  • -Public Relations
  • Personal Qualities

    Confidence to make sound decision and land solid business dealings and sales.

    Posses great critical thinking and problem solving skills.

    Creativity is particulary essential. Conjuring up new and exciting ideas that are appealing and make products/services stand out from a crowd .


    Excellent computer skills for performing duties like;-

  • -Collecting and analyzing data
  • -Managing Finance
  • -Storing customer and client information
  • -Administering surveys
  • -Compiling reports and power point presentations
  • Organizational skills are necessary to successfully juggle multiple projects and matters at the same time.


    At least 1 year working experience.

    *DEADLINE: 26/06/2018

    * NOTE: Curriculum Vitae (CV) uploaded in any other form such as email will not be processed.

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